Planning Consultation – Renovation Project

Kitchen, basement redesign, bathroom renovation, or removing a load-bearing wall: they often say that renovation can make or break… (for couples, ah! ah!)

And to ensure that everything doesn’t go haywire, it’s important to plan, organize, and ask the right questions.

Is a renovation project on your radar soon? Here are 6 essential points to successfully navigate your project… and in peace of mind!

Planning and Analysis

The secret to a successful renovation project lies first in its planning. Make a list of the elements you want to change in your home and set a realistic budget.

Space Optimization

Think about your lifestyle in the room you plan to renovate. This process will help you understand how to better arrange it, come up with new ideas, and make the area as optimal as possible for your daily life.

Desired Style

Get inspired and check various design portals to gather ideas. Focus on your preferences in a folder and create a list of preferred materials.


Choose finishing materials based on your budget goals. Always budget for unforeseen tasks. There are also subsidies and tax credits available for renovation projects.

Permit Application

Each municipality has its regulations, and it’s important to take them into account. Provide architectural plans and a detailed assessment of the work to your municipality for peace of mind.

Finding the Right Contractor

Once you get the green light, inquire about a specialized contractor with all the necessary credentials. It’s also recommended to read reviews, check their previous projects, and inquire about their availability.