GDM Office Relocation

Groupe Desrochers Montpetit, in its continued expansion, has reached an important milestone: the move into its new office spaces in the East End of Sherbrooke. To support the significant growth of the company over the past decade, GDM has constructed a building that reflects its identity, bringing together its sister companies, Innoplex and FMD Excavation, under one roof.

This prime location, more modern and with additional square footage, provides a dynamic environment for its teams, partners, and clients. Furthermore, the premises feature large warehouses, increased natural light, stylish and ergonomic administrative offices, all while being conveniently located near the city’s major highways. These working conditions ensure the happiness of its employees and the comfort of its clientele.

Would you like to pay us a visit?

Here is our new address: 3536, King Street East, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada, Quebec.